Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive Sachet 5 Rolls + 50% (7.5 total) 138g

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Wallpapering projects are made simple with the all-purpose wallpaper adhesive. The smooth consistency allows easy application – the wallpaper adhesive can be mixed in just 20 seconds and is ready to use within 2 minutes. The Solvite wallpaper paste can be used for most paste the wall wallpapers including lining papers, washable, vinyl, textured and blown vinyl, embossed and heavy embossed wallpapers.

The adhesive mixes in a few steps within just 20 seconds and is done and ready after two minutes. As a result of the improved formula, the paste has an especially smooth texture without any lumps. Hence, it can be applied evenly without much effort.

Furthermore, the wallpaper adhesive contains a fungicide the prevents the development and growth of mould which is why the product is also very useful for the application in potentially moist areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

With 50% extra free, you can now hang up 7.5 rolls for the price of 5!


• 50% extra free (5 + 2.5 rolls)
• New improved smoother formula
• Mixes in 20 seconds
• Hangs up to 7.5 rolls
• For hanging washables, vinyls, lining paper and embossed wallpaper

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