Mapei Keraquick Rapidset Grey S1 Adhesive 20kg

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High-performance, quick-setting, deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles and stone material stable in the presence of humidity (thickness of adhesive up to 10 mm). With very low emission of volatile organic compounds.

Substrate/Surface Concrete, Wooden surfaces, Tiling on Tiles, Submerged Areas, Plaster Boards, Cement/Sand Render and Screed, Construction Boards, Anhydrite Screed
Adhesive Drying Time 2-3 Hours
Adhesive Adjustment Time 15 Minutes
Adhesive is flexible Yes
Application Trowel
Drying Speed Grouted after 2-3 Hours
Pot Life 30 Minutes
Bed Thickness 1-10 mm
Waterproof Yes
Placement Internal/External
Working Time 20 Minutes

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