Mangers Sugar Soap Concentrate 500ml


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Mangers Sugar Soap: - is a highly effective cleaner ideal for cleaning and preparing surfaces for repainting. It leaves the surface chemically clean so that a fresh coat of paint adheres readily - paint will not adhere to a greasy or improperly cleaned surface. Sugar Soap can also be used for a wide number of other jobs, including household cleaning, if in doubt always test first on a small, discreet area before use.

Cleaning & Preparing Paintwork

To remove dirt, grease and grime prior to painting - even discolouration caused by an accuminated nicotine smoke, add 100ml of sugar soapto 4.5lt of warm water and stir.

apply using a sponge working upwards to avoid run streaks.

General Household Cleaning

Add 30ml of sugar soap to 4.5 lts of warm water and stir, apply using a sponge and clean the surface well

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