HG Toilet Cleaner Gel Super Powerful

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HG Toilet Cleaner Gel Super Powerful

The toilet cleaner that easily removes problem

Thoroughly cleaning the toilet? HG super powerful toilet cleaner easily removes problem dirt in the toilet pan, such as very stubborn limescale, uric scale or difficult to remove scale. This not only occurs on the inside of the toilet pan, but also in the neck or invisibly under the rim.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Removes even the most stubborn (lime)scale
  • Does not affect glaze, stainless steel or chrome

Strong toilet gel cleaner for very stubborn dirt

Even if your toilet looks clean, dirt and germs can build up on places you can’t see, like underneath the rim. As well as releasing bad odours, this can also affect how effectively your toilet flushes, which is also unhygienic.

With HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful, the specially developed formula can break down and remove even the most stubborn stains.

We have a few more products which are ideal for keeping your toilet clean. For regular cleaning of the toilet pan, we recommend HG toilet cleaner gel hygienic. For daily quick and hygienic cleaning of everything in the toilet area, from toilet seat to door handle, we recommend HG sanitary area cleaner.

How do you use HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful?

Follow the steps below to quickly and easily remove limescale from the toilet using our strong toilet cleaner, as well as uric and other tough stains.

  1. Spray HG toilet cleaner gel super powerful in a fluid motion deep under the rim of the toilet pan and in the pan.
  2. Leave the strong toilet cleaner to settle for at least 20-30 minutes.
  3. Brush the toilet pan clean with a toilet brush and flush the toilet.

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