HG Wooden Furniture Cleaner

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HG Wooden Furniture Cleaner

Cleaning furniture made easy

HG wooden furniture cleaner makes light work of cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture. With our furniture polish, cleaning is quick and efficient. It is suitable for all solid or veneer wooden surfaces coated with varnish, oil, paint, wax or stain and for synthetic surfaces. As our furniture polish cleans and nourishes, furniture shines like new and continues to shine longer.

  • Dust, scratches and stains disappear
  • Nourishes with natural oils

The powerful wood furniture cleaner that produces extra shine

HG wooden furniture cleaner is a wood furniture polish that removes dust, scratches and stains. The furniture cleaner stops stains and fingerprints. Finally, HG wooden furniture cleaner produces a beautiful shine at the same time. Surfaces coated with wax or oil are also nourished by the natural oils.

How do you use HG wooden furniture cleaner?

Complete the following steps to obtain the best results and to make furniture shine with HG wooden furniture cleaner:

  1. Spray the wood furniture cleaner onto the surface from a distance of approximately 20cm.
  2. Polish HG wooden furniture cleaner with a lint-free cloth.
  3. If you need to treat small surface areas, just spray HG wooden furniture cleaner directly onto the cloth.

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