Fischer Brad Nails Angled 32mm 16g Stainless Steel Pack of 2000

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Fischer Collated Brad Nails Angled 32mm 16g Grade A2 Stainless Steel Pack of 2000


▪    Brad nails are ideal for securing corners or near the corners of the wood.

▪    They are least likely to split the wood or damage the corners because they have blunt ends.

▪    Brad nails can be used to fix wood in place or to hold two pieces together and may be removed carefully when the glue dries.

▪    The nails can be used in both soft and hard wood offering a variety of applications based on personal choice and the type of project.

▪    Lost heads on the nails provide an aesthetic finish that cannot be seen when fixed deeper  into the substrate

▪    Made with specialised glue so if dropped, the nails do not become loose and separate from the glue collation.

Please note these nails do not come supplied with fuel cells.



-Bostitch N/A.

-Paslode IM65A/F16.

-Hikoki NT65GB.

-Senco GT65RHA.

-Tacwise Ranger 2 18v 16G Inclined Nailer.

-Makita N/A.

-Will Fit any 20 Degree 16G angled finish Nailer.

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