Duracell Specialty N MN9100 LR1 Batteries | 2 Pack

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The Duracell MN9100 key fob battery has a steady power output that will outlast the leading competitors. The consistently high Duracell quality means that your N battery will be both reliable and safe, without compromising power output and last-ability.

The Duracell N key fob LR1 battery is so reliable, that more technology manufacturers are integrating it into their systems. It's now used on pagers, small clocks, calculators, automatic garage alarms, GPS trackers, beep proximity alarms, auto-door unlock systems, garage door openers and cameras. It has anti-reverse polarity protection and a high rate of chemical resistance. This MN9100 battery has an impressive no-leak safety record and produces a consistently high power output.

MN9100 batteries are compatible with standard LR1, N type and GP910A. All types of battery in stock from leading UK supplier of batteries.

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