Duracell Coin Lithium CR2032 | 2 Pack

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This sealed twin pack of Duracell DL2032 lithium coin cell batteries offers all the reliability and steady power one expects from the renowned brand. DL2032 long-lasting coin batteries are a frequently used size in electronic devices such as wristwatches, remote control car key fobs, laptop computer internal clocks and motherboard CMOS batteries, as well as certain types of doorbell. Additionally, CR/DL2032 batteries are widely used in active shutter 3D TV glasses.

A leading manufacturer, Duracell is recognized for advanced battery technology. These small DL2032 coin cells are fully compatible as replacements for all CR2032 batteries and for size codes L14, LF1/2V and SB-T15. The maximum current capacity is 240 mA/h at a nominal 3.0 Volts. Approximate battery weight is six grammes and each of the two flat, circular cells measures 20 millimetres in diameter and a wafer-like 3.2 millimetres in height.

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