Duracell Coin Lithium CR2025 | 2 Pack

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This sealed pack contains two new Duracell DL2025 (CR2025 size) coin cell batteries, manufactured with lithium technology for long-lasting power. The main uses of this small size of button battery are in calculators, laptop motherboards for CMOS memory and in car remote locking or door control key fobs.

Offering all the reliability and stable output of the trusted Duracell brand, these batteries produce a nominal 3.0 Volts and a maximum current of 150 mA/h. These button cells measure 20 millimetres in diameter by 2.5 millimetres in height, with a weight of six grammes. DL2025 Duracell batteries are also suitable replacements for devices that specify size codes SCR2025, 2025, EA100CF, ECR2025 and KL2025.

In addition to a more than ample seven-year shelf life, these replacement Duracell batteries retain more than 95 percent of their charge for six years. DL2025 lithium computer and key fob batteries also deliver excellent performance even in extremely hot or cold temperatures, making them highly suitable for outdoor photography instruments and equipment.

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