Soil 110mm Air Admittance Valve Black (Male, No Rubber)

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This 110mm black air admittance valve from Davant is also known as a durgo valve and works by allowing the entry of clean air into the sanitary waste water system without the escape of foul gasses into the property. Whenever negative pressure is created it can siphon water traps and allow unpleasant smells to enter the property. This air admittance valve quickly acts when negative pressure is created by opening and letting clean air enter which balances out the pressure and stops the water from being siphoned out therefore preventing any bad smells from entering the property.

This male no rubber version of the 110mm air admittance valve, simply pushes into a ring seal fitting.

Please note product may differ but will be the same specification


  • Size: 110mm
  • Colour: Black

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