Series 7 Main Head Cut Out 100A SPN

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Series 7 Main Head Cut Out 100A Single Pole & Neutral is made with glass reinforced Polyester (DMC) material provides strength, durability and excellent tracking resistance. 

Sharply serrated double entry phase and neutral terminals are suitable for either aluminium or copper conductors from 2.5mm2 up to 35mm2 and socket headed terminal screws (operated by a custom designed tool) ensure effective and secure connections. Fuse-clips are precision designed to ensure low contact resistance every time.


  • HRC Fuse Cartridge sold separately 
  • Supports HRC MF Fuses 60A, 80A and 100A
  • Insulated Busbar available for connecting a second Single Pole cut-out / service
  • Tamper-resistant ‘pin & plug’ protect unused cable entries. 
  • Fully compliant with BS 7657:2010
  • Designed to ensure secure connection and low contact resistance throughout
  • Manufactured from glass reinforced polyester 
  • Close-coupled version interfaces with industry standard meter types to prevent theft of supply
  • All phase terminal screws are held captive within the base to make installation as simple as possible
  • Units may be combined to make a Triple Pole Set 

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