Univolt Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack 25mm Black + 10 Connectors

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The Polypropylene Flexible Contractor Conduit Reel Adapters White is an efficient polypropylene conduit system.
Polypropylene conduit is a very economical solution for a variety of cable management applications due to its high flexibility and extensive size range. Suitable for embedding cables and wires into domestic and commercial installations also for the automotive trade. Suitable for inside and outside installation and all general wire & cable installations where an IP rating of IP40 is required.

- 10m corrugated conduit.
- It has 10 connectors.
- Polypropylene conduit is a very economical solution.
- Low Smoke Zero Halogen.
- Efficient polypropylene conduit system.


- All information provided is for guidance only.
- Low Smoke 0 Halogen.
- Ingress Protection.
- 10m corrugated conduit.
- 10 connectors.
- UV Resistant.
- Size: 25mm.
- Construction: Smooth inner surface, flexible, twist-able in the vertical and axial direction.
- Material: Polypropylene.

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