Blauberg Quiet Bathroom Extractor Fan Standard Wall & Ceiling Mounted Ventilator 4" 100mm

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Product Description
Blauberg Trio is a popular choice of ventilator, sensibly priced and still meets Building Regulations. High airflow rates are achieved with low noise levels due to the unique coupling of mixed flow technology with our energy efficient Blauberg German motor.
Blauberg Trio is slimline, very modern and will suite any contemporary bathroom, en-suite or toilet. It will also blend into any white wall or ceiling due to its brilliant white finish.
This 100mm, 4" dia bathroom version is available with simple on/off connections. It is also fitted with a simple back draught shutter to reduce wind and drafts entering back into the room.
Blauberg Trio is Building Regulation Part F and L compliant with very low specific fan power at 0.32 w/l/s, meeting all the energy requirements to date.

  • Stylish 100mm 4" designer bathroom, en-suite and wet room extractor fan finished in brilliant white.
  • Fitted with standard on/off wiring connections.
  • Special exhaust air straitening gators ensures low noise, only 25 dB(A) sound level.
  • Mixed flow impeller blade design enables longer duct runs to be used.
  • 100mm, 4" diameter duct connection.
  • An impressive 90 m3/hour extract airflow rate 25 l/s.
  • Fitted with an anti-back draft shutter.
  • Fitted with a German Blauberg motor and backed with a 5 year warranty.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Energy rating: A+
Controls & Wiring
This TRIO 100 fan is fitted with standard live & neutral wiring connections. The electrical supply is normally provided from your household lighting circuit and the fan will only require a live neutral connection.
Please ensure that you are a competent person or consult a qualified electrician for any advice required.

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