Duracell Photo Lithium Ultra CR2 | 2 Pack

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Guaranteed to provide long-lasting power, this twin pack of lightweight lithium Duracell High Power Lithium CR2 cells incorporates Duralock Power Preserve technology to offer an incredible shelf life of ten years. Rated at 3.0 Volts (780 mAh), these CR2 batteries are ideal for portable devices that demand occasional high power. They also weigh a third less than comparable alkaline cells and are designed to deliver maximum power for much longer, due to their superior lithium composition. Each small cylindrical cell measures 27 by 16 millimetres and is interchangeable with size codes CR17355, DLCR2 and ELCR2.

The Duracell brand is trusted worldwide and recommended by pharmacists for medical, first response and hospital equipment. Other typical uses include digital photography and electronic flash equipment, portable lights and security devices. Duracell Duracell High Power Lithium batteries can be relied on even in extremely cold temperatures and are also totally mercury free, for a safer environment.

This product was recently rebranded from Duracell Ultra Lithium to Duracell High Power Lithium.

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