Duracell Ultra C LR14 Batteries | 2 Pack

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Duracell Ultra C LR14 Batteries are power packed and the perfect choice for torches, radios and tools. They are Duracell's most powerful LR14 battery and one of the best performing and longest lasting batteries available today.

These batteries are equipped with Duracell's Powercheck technology, so users will always know how much power is left. Duracell Ultra MN1400 batteries are perfect for devices that demand higher power and performance as well as length of life.

Duracell is one of the leading most trusted brands for long lasting, high quality batteries. For the ultimate battery performance, Duracell Ultra C batteries are the all-round best choice.

Duracell technology keeps the energy of your unused batteries for up to 10 years in their packaging (ambient storage)
98% of our paper-based packs are made from recycled materials.

Available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9 V sizes

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