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Button Fix Type 1 Metal Fix Bracket Fixing With Stainless Steel Retaining Spring For Fire Retardant Panels Marine Interiors Vibration & Shock Tested

  • When surface-mounted, panel gap = 8mm
  • When rebated, panel gap = 3mm
  • The Fix is diecast in ZL2 zinc alloy and fitted with a 316 stainless-steel spring
  • The Button is diecast in ZL2 zinc alloy
  • Manufactured in the UK

In demanding applications where proven performance is required, Button-fix Type 1 Metal is the one to use.

Typical uses include:

  • Fire-retardant panels
  • Environments where fire smoke toxicity is a concern
  • Maritime and other transport interiors
  • Applications subject to vibration or shock loading
  • Panels that are repeatedly removed


Buttonfix Type 1 Metal fixings - Connects panels at 90 degrees and engages with a straight push

Four Buttonfix Type 1 Metal fixings holding a 70cm square panel survived 15g shock loads and only releasing the panel at 20g.

To put that in context, the drag racing world record of 4.4s over ¼ mile created 4.2g and the space shuttle generated a maximum of 3g during launch and re-entry.

Type 1 Metal is made from zinc which has a melting temperature of 440 Degrees C so is perfect for fire retardant panels.

In house tests show that when Type 1 Metal was face fixed with wood screws to plywood it failed at 300kg. So, assuming a 2 to 1 safety factor, a safe load for just one fixing would be 150kg.

Comprehensive independent test load data will be available shortly. Quick and easy to install, like all the fasteners in the Button-fix family

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