Damp Proof Course (DPC)- 100mm x 30M

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Damp-proof course, or DPC, offers a protective barrier and is used within the inner layers of brick or block walls to protect buildings from rising damp

  • DPC is fully BBA Certified ( Conforms to the requirements of BS 6515 and CE Mark to EN 14909 ) Promising a product of the highest available Quality.
  • Manufactured in the UK From Recycled and reprocessed products so maintains an enviromentally friendly element in your Build Project.
  • All rolls are 30m In length 100% of any air Bubbles completely of pin holes and offers Superior Water resistance compared with the average DPC
  • Our specially designed DPC is a proven polythene based masterpiece combining and ensuring 100% reliability against any ingress of damp and giving you full peace of mind for your intended project - Embossed to assist mortar adhesion, Proven performance over many years.


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