Bull Bits PZ2 90mm Impact Duty Screwdriver Drill Driver Bits

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The BULL BITS PZ2 Impact Screwdriver Driver Bits Set is a type of screwdriver bit set that is specifically designed for use with impact drivers, which are tools that use rotational force and torque to drive screws and other fasteners into materials. The PZ2 bits in the set are typically made of a durable and hard-wearing material such as hardened S2 steel, and are designed to withstand the high torque and vibration of an impact driver. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, and other heavy-duty applications.

The PZ2 bits in the set are shaped to fit screws with a PoziDriver POZI No.2 drive system, which is a type of screw head with two intersecting slots that form a cross shape. These screws are often used in woodworking and other applications where a strong and secure fastening is required.

The set typically includes a variety of different sizes and lengths of PZ2 bits to suit a range of screw sizes and applications. The bits may be packaged in a storage case or container for easy organization and transport. Some sets may also include additional tools or accessories, such as a holder or adapter for attaching the bits to the impact driver.


10 Piece Bull Bits 90mm Shock Zone Impact Screwdriver Driver Bits and Storage Box

Bull Bits have been built with Heavy Duty S2 grade steel construction and a forged precise fit custom machined tip to sustain greater impact resistance and last a longer lifetime

Torsion Zones allows impact to be dispersed evenly throughout when used at continuous high torque as it can withstand changes of load resulting in less breakage and improved durability due to the flexibility.

Compatible with DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, and Many More

Package Contents:

  • 10 x 90mm PZ2 Single-Ended
  • 1 x Compact Storage Box

Safety Warning

Please always follow the safety instructions provided by your Power Tool manufacturer

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