Tetrion Easp Spray Paint Silver Chrome 400ml

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Tetrion Easy Spray all purpose paint is an acrylic based spray paint for interior and exterior use. It is suitable for many surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic and plastic. Available in a wide variety of colours to make any job easy. Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Tetrion Easy Spray can be used on its own but to ensure a long lasting high quality finish, use the Easy Spray High Build Primer, or if painting plastics use the Easy Spray High Plastic Primer. Shake the can vigorously for a minimum of 2 minutes. Hold the can 20-30 cms (8"-12") from surface. Spray in alternate horizontal & vertical strokes. Shake the can regularly during use & invert can and spray to remove paint from the nozzle. In case of blockage remove the nozzle & immerse in cellulose solvent. Tetrion Easy Spray will be touch dry in 10-15 mins. Leave for 24 hours to harden. Storage: Store & use this paint at room temperature. Low temperatures below 10 degrees may reduce aerosol performance.
Silver Chrome 400ml

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