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A fungicide and insecticide formulation based on microemulsion technology for eradicating and preventing attack by wood boring insects (eg. woodworm, etc) and wood rotting fungi. This formulation is a water-based microemulsion producing a non-flammable, virtually odourless, quick drying treatment that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's), supplied ready to use direct from the container.

- Kills active infestations of wood boring insects (e.g wordworm and termites) and prevents re-infestation

- Prevents fungal decay

- Suitable for interior and exterior use

- Certified to European and Industry standards

- Microemulsion water based formulation

- Zero VOC's

- Quick drying

- Non flammable

- BS EN Certification.


Suitable for internal and external timbers which are out of contact with the ground.

Apply product either by brush or low pressure spray. Exterior application must be by brush ONLY. Refer to datasheet for product coverage.


BS EN46 House Longhorn Beetle Preventative (Hylotrupes Bajulus)
BS EN49-1 Common Furniture Beetle Preventative (Anobium Punctatum)
BS EN118 Termites Preventative (Reticulitermes santonesis)
BS EN113 White & Brown Rot Preventative (wood destroying basidiomycetes)
BS EN370 Common Furniture Beetle Curative (Anobium Punctatum)
BS EN1390 House Longhorn Beetle Curative (Hylotrupes Bajulus)

BPR Approval & Authorisation number: Bond It 3-in-1 Wood Treatment - UK-2019-1194-4-0028 & UK-2019-1194-5-0028.

IE/BPA 70493-04-018 & IE/BPA 70493-05-018 - Additional information for use in Republic of Ireland: Use Biocides Safely and Sustainably. It is illegal to use this product for uses or in a manner other than that prescribed on the label. Poison Information: For information or to report a poisoning incident contact The National Poisons Information Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin (01-8092166), retain label for reference.

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